Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A nod and a wink . . .

April, the month when, if you stand for a while, you can almost hear things growing
~ James Alexander Sinclair

The month when hope springs into life, knee-quiveringly gorgeous blooms start furnishing pockets of green.  Looking around, little rainbow drops of colour pop out and catch your eye.  Like prisms of light zooming straight into the brain and implanting smiles on our lips, safe in the knowledge that sunlight, warmth and long summer days are on their way.  Before the daring, self-assured flowers of summer, spring offers us a variety of tantalizing treats to whet our appetite.  The season seems to be divide between the humble and the majestic.  Many spring flowers impersonate servanthood, they are unassuming and bow in shyness at the seasons’ first sun.  Think of dainty bluebells, snowdrops, even boldly coloured fritillaries nod their head in a gentle fashion.  Modest primroses forming lowly but dazzling carpets underneath shrubs, daring only to take a peek out and flash a glimpse of striking colour.  Blossom trees dripping delicate drops of beauty with their pink and white ballerina tutus before dropping them in a whirl of candyfloss confetti. 

On the other hand delicate daffodils stand in defiance, turning their gentle faces towards the sun.  Croccii, tulips, phallic hyacinth and legions of bold muscari, smugly knowing that if they stand together, they can knock the very breath out of the observer.  Stately magnolia rule the roost of the skies, puffing out their chests and pushing their blooms out there for all to admire and gasp in reverence of their splendour.

This seasons' collection concentrates on the princes and the paupers, it is bang on trend to go one way or the other.  The resplendent and the meek, hand in hand, providing the world with its' next hit of colour and hope mingled.