Saturday, 22 December 2012

When kittens love each other ...

What do you get when you cross two kittens who love each other?  You get a whole pile of cute, that's what you get!  So if you don't like kittens or piles of kittens or lots of photos of kittens, I suggest that you stop reading right now. You have been warned, you're about to witness shots of irresistible fluffiness.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Cats, pianos and books ...

Last Saturday, we hopped into the car and sped across to meet with the super lovely Paul Magrs.  We took homemade scones, sang Christmas songs on the way and had an impromptu photoshoot with the rather handsome Fester. 


When Fester had finished posing, we caught the train and spent the afternoon chatting, getting excited about Dr Who, whilst finding as much as possible to eat and a wonderful bookshop.  It was an eclectic mix of sublime things (Marlene Dietrich and a piano nonetheless) and I found myself a beautiful book,  The Photographer's Weekend Book.  I love finding little gems like that.  It has lovely photographs and projects in for the photographer to carry out at the weekend.

 Paul is even nicer in person than I imagined and we had an exciting journey home as we listed to The Hexford Invasion.  Thank you Paul, Jeremy and Fester for a wonderful day.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

'Tis the season to be jolly ...

Not had time to get your christmas cards yet?  Not found the right ones?  Or maybe you've forgotten that special card for a certain someone.  No need to worry, I still have some left and I have a voucher code especially for you!

The cards are printed on 350gsm FSC credited paper stock, they have a light satin coating on the outside, with the inside left uncoated and blank so that you can easily write your own message.

£1.60 each
£5.80 for a pack of 4
£6.75 for a pack of 5
£12.00 for a pack of 10 

All UK postage and packaging £1.70 for up to 10 cards, plus £1.00 for each extra set of 10
(postage available overseas, please contact for further details) 

Contact me on rosie _ anthony @ hotmail . com (with no spaces, that's just to avoid spam) or leave me a message on here and your own little package will be on its' way to you within the next day or two.  Poppy and Yoda will help me package it up, possibly with some festive Christmas chocolate!  Just quote twirl when you order, to get a fabulous 10% off your card purchase!*  But hurry, because I may run out and don't want to disappoint you, especially with it being the festive season.  Remember to give me enough postage time to get them to you too so that you can send them out to your lovely friends.

* Postage not included

 Juicy berries (1 left in stock)

Llanberis sunset (1 left in stock)

Barney (sorry, sold out!)

 Green ice (1 left in stock)

Winter Scene 1 (3 left in stock)

Winter Scene 2 (3 left in stock) 

Cwm Idwal icy lake (sorry, sold out!)

Cwm Idwal tree (1 left in stock)

 Cwm Idwal mountain (2 left in stock)

Reindeer decoration, portrait (2 left in stock)

Tree decoration (1 left in stock)

Sheep 1 (1 left in stock), Cwm Idwal (2 left in stock) and Sheep 2 (2 left in stock)

Ice (4 left in stock), Robin (sorry, sold out!) and Winter Scene 3 (4 left in stock)

Reindeer decoration, landscape (4 left in stock), Winter Scene 4 (3 left in stock) and Moss (5 left in stock)

 Forest (sorry, sold out!) and Snowy trees (2 left in stock)

Don't forget to add the word twirl in somewhere for your discount!  Thank you lovely blogger friends....merry christmas xxx

Sunday, 2 December 2012

A few leaves ...

Hello!  Happy December.  I hope that you are well and starting to feel festive.  I've had a few problems with my blog lately, lack of space to upload and lack of time to do anything about it so I haven't been able to write or share my photographs.  I have some lovely shots of leaves and more christmas cards to show you so keep an eye out for those (complete with special voucher codes, all named after chocolate bars!).  Have a lovely Sunday evening...