Thursday, 28 June 2012

A shameless plug ...

A week on and the cards are selling like hot cakes!  If you would like a pretty package, all tied up with ribbon, then please click here and take a look.  If there is anything that you fancy, send me an e-mail (

Friday, 22 June 2012

Cards have arrived!

At last, my greetings cards and postcards have arrived from moo and are ready for you to order!  I am thrilled with the quality and I hope you will be too.  There are twenty greetings cards to choose from and a range of colour postcards.

Greetings cards ...

on 350gsm FSC credited paper stock, they have a light satin coating on the outside, with the inside left uncoated and blank so that you can easily write your own message

£1.50 each
£5.40 for a pack of 4
£6.25 for a pack of 5

Postcards ...

on 350gsm sustainably sourced paper stock, they have a glossy laminate finish on one side, while the other side is lightly coated with a faint satin finish

85p each
£4.00 for a pack of 5

All UK postage and packaging £1.70 for up to 10 cards, plus £1.00 for each extra set of 10
(postage available overseas, please contact for further details)

The first order was packaged and posted this morning, it was very exciting to pop the cards into their sleeves and tie with some pretty ribbon.  I do hope they make it to their destination in one piece!

The greetings cards are available in any combination that you like but they are also available in packs:

The Poppy Collection - £5.40 (plus postage) for pack of 4 

 The Pink Collection - £6.25 (plus postage) for a pack of 5 

The Wildlife Collection - £6.25 (plus postage) for a pack of 5

The Wild Flower Collection - £4.50 (plus postage) for a pack of 3

The Scenery Collection - £4.50 (plus postage) for a pack of 3

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A tale of the ephemeral and ethereal ...

An oasis of poppy calm in a mad rush of writing and making posters (not as exciting as it sounds, if only it could be done in crayon...) for work.

These poppies are from last year.  I haven't seen so many this year and that makes me a little sad.  But on the plus side, I have a load that I haven't even gotten round to looking at from last yearThat is definitely something to look forward to.  There is something pleasing about the colour blocking and overlapping in this image.  I think it captures the essence of poppies, such delicate stems on their own, with their crumpled tissue-like skirts, but together, they are a mighty force.  An entity united in colour and standing strong in their own ethereal splendour.  Ephemeral and yet eternally captured.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Weekend colour ...

Some weekend colour to brighten up the dreary grey of this week.  Where has the sunshine gone?  I don't suppose we could hope for it to last for more than a week or so!  I am secretly hoping for a return, I have some beautiful sun dresses that need to see the light of day!