Saturday, 11 February 2012

Friday, 10 February 2012

The things that we saw ...

My lovely friend Nick from a pile of leaves came to visit a few weekends ago.  We saw lots of trees, ate fish and chips, talked about books whilst playing with cats.  We battled with parking permits, fought off the cold, swapped lovely Christmas presents and forced ourselves to eat almond and hazelnut gateaux (a real torture, particularly when you take into account its' chocolate and cream filling).

Nick and I first met way back in the dusty depths of an old office in 2008 (ish).  It was the 1st of April and my first day at a new job, Nick had been there a while and helped me settle in.  We'd chat and go for walks to the 9th floor to talk about the paintings.  I think we managed to keep each other sane, with our ramblings of Dr Who and The Mighty Boosh, in the midst of work and some loneliness.  We seemed to just fit together quite well, knowing how to make the other laugh (Nick, your crimp in the lift will never cease to make me giggle) and whiling the time away with easy conversation.  Fortunately, some things don't change and I had a wonderful weekend.  We talked about exciting joint ventures, whilst taking in some fresh air and lovely scenery.

We visited Gelert's grave in picturesque Beddgelert and walked along the river.  We marvelled at the rich colours in the village, you see the local stone is a sort of orangey-pinky-red colour, casting an autumnal glow throughout the winter of the trees.

 We wrapped up well and saw the dusk sky starting to fall.


We watched movies (the delightful Super 8), ate pancakes and talked about one of our favourite authors (Paul Magrs), but of course someone stole the show.  Kiki.  After hours of playing with friendly cats, tiring Nick out waggling her fishing rod (complete with a fish and bell on the end), she fell fast asleep, in her bed, in the middle of the room!  Dreaming kitty dreams of catching fish and birds, of playing endlessly until dinner time.  A sleepy pile of soft fluff just waiting until the middle of the night to pounce and jump and make as much noise as possible!  A visit to Rhid and Rosie just wouldn't be complete without the star attraction!  Thank you Nick for a really delightful three days.