Sunday, 19 June 2011

A little piece of fragrant heaven . . .

I wish that you could smell these carnations.  They are divine.  The sole reason I bought the bush was so that I could snip off the delicate stems and dot them around the house so the scent permeates and is with me through the day.  Ordinarily, I can take carnations or leave them, but the place that this smell took me to was far too wonderful to walk away.  I could feel the fragrance seeping in through all of my pores, it began to flow through my blood system, into my organs.  It was as though it was keeping me alive, a buoyancy aid.  And now, I have a small piece of this delight in my front room.

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  1. I never really paid all that much attention to carnations (although I can always recall their scent really clearly?), but then I discovered sim carnations and fell in love. They are just a bigger version of normal carnations but so pretty and bloomy. I am thinking of making my bouquet out of them, although my ideas for that change almost daily so who knows what I will wind up with. These photos are really lovely :) (as are your words!).