Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cherry blossom: Impermanence

A cherry tree in full bloom is one of the most glorious sights of the spring calendar - the effect of its pink or white flowers en masse is almost ethereal.  But its splendour is short-lived: the blossom soon falls to the ground in great drifts like snow, and its glory is over.  It is a reminder that life is fleeting and time is precious.  Enjoy the moment, celebrate its coming, acknowledge its passing without sorrow.

~ Mandy Kirkby from The Language of Flowers.  

This is a delightful book that I hope to review in the near future.  It is such a fascinating subject that really had me gripped.  I also love the associated book by Vanessa DiffenbaughThank goodness for the amazing sunshine at the moment.  It is really lifting the spirit and making life that much more enjoyable.  Have a lovely evening, I'm off to knit.  Oh, did I tell you that I'm learning to knit again?  I knew how to as a child but subsequently forgot and on Sunday I sat with my precious mum.  I started my first scarf.  Hopefully, I shall be able to show it to you soon!

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  1. You're so lucky to be heading into Spring!! although I am looking forward to the autumn leaves here :)

    And yes, blossoms are just the loveliest of the lovely! (well, maybe magnolias too). xox

    I remember when I was in primary school, we were all asked to volunteer to knit scarves for the old people in the local nursing home ... I was such a perfectionist that I kept undoing and redoing my scarf ... to this day, my dad jokes that some poor old lady probably died of a cold neck waiting for that scarf :-/ But I'm sure yours will be wonderful :)