Thursday, 13 September 2012

Elwyn & Katrina | Married

Elwyn and Katrina are sweet, lovely people who had an epic wedding in the most beautiful of places.  Spread over two days in North Wales, the wedding was in a church surrounded by sea!  Dependent on tides, the church on the island can only be accessed by a causeway.  St Cwyfan's is the most delightful church.  Ceremony #2 and the reception was held at Hendre Hall, in lovely farm buildings.  There were beautiful pearls, sea views, raucous singing, erupting giggles and champagne.  We even saw the sun and had spectacular clouds. 

Settle down, with a nice cuppa and a choccie biscuit (or a cupcake, whatever your preference) and get ready for a few photos (there are rather a lot of them) ...  
(Apologies for the spacing issues, blogger has been driving me mad!)













  1. Rosie, you did a fabulous job! You should be really proud. Such a gorgeous bride and I love that she wore those cute gumboots to the church :) xox

  2. Thank you Nat. They aren't as beautiful as your shots, but I'm learning! I love the name gumboots too! We call them wellies (not half as cute as gumboots!!) xxx

  3. what gorgeous photos of what looks like a beautiful day, the bride is stunning.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Made me sigh a little... (in a nice way!)

    1. Thank you Nick. It's a beautiful place. Did you ever visit when you lived here?