Monday, 7 February 2011

Eternal optimism . . .

The weather is, and has been for several days, foul.  Heavy grey skies, torrential downpours and gale force wind to knock you off your feet.  It is miserable, with a chill that constantly gnaws away, but should we succumb?  Do we need to be all gloom, like tiny reflections of the ominous clouds above, walking around spreading grump?  Surely that way, it has won.  A darker force has taken us over, world domination to the weather!  Not only does it have power over the elements but human feeling too.  

Within an hour of leaving the house this morning, I had been chastised by both a neighbour and a colleague for greeting them with "Good morning".  I know what they meant but it got me thinking.  Now I don't think I am an overly optimistic, cheerful character but today could be so good for so many other reasons than the weather.  It may be the day you get that long awaited new job, you get a shy note left on your desk from the boy you secretly like or you hear your childs' first word.  Something may happen today that makes you feel alive, makes you want to run outside and dance in the rain.  Don't give up on it yet!

The photograph accompanying this post was taken on a gloomy, wet day.  The sun came out for one glorious minute and resulted in my most favourite photograph.  The sun shining down onto the raindrops really make this special.  Look out for the moments, real or metaphorical, that make your heart leap.  The snapshots that make the blood race through your veins; cling onto them and treasure them, for it is those memories frozen in time that will get you through the rainy days.

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