Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Springtime is the land awakening...

Have you noticed the nights are starting to creep away?  The daylight is lasting a little longer, there are little bursts of colour dotted around as snowdrops, iris and crocuses begin to push their way through the heavy sodden soil.  The pale sun has taken the bite out of the cold wind (important to note when you're sitting in a field taking soil measurements!) and the lambs are starting to boing into the fields.  Yes Spring is finally on its' way!  We're almost through February and I can feel my heart begin to lift, knowing that warmth and new life is on its' way.  It won't be long before we can go out without a coat, lie on the ground making images without getting wet and then before we know it we will be inundated with poppies and golden sun.  Long days of reading and walking with sand between our toes will be upon us.  There will be joy, fish and chips under salty air and the sound of happiness all around.

So let us celebrate Spring, with its' colour and the raw beginnings of life.  Feel the excitement of the new and embrace it, be swept along in its' glory and colour.

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