Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Adventures from my corner . . . Edition 1

I am the lucky owner of a Nikon FM2 and found some (only just) out of date, really cheap 35mm film.  I am lucky mainly due to two reasons, firstly, the Nikon FM2 is a beauty of a camera and secondly, the way it came into my possession was extremely lucky.  I was chatting to a friend from work and it came out that I love photography (naturally).  He asked what camera I shoot with and said that I have a Nikon D300, which prompted him to ask if I wanted an old film Nikon.  Did I want it?  Oh yes, please!  I couldn't thank him enough when I took hold of the precious gold box, with its' delightful cargo of camera and two lenses.  The back is loose and lets the light leak in but I couldn't love it more (unless perhaps I had a 50mm f1.4 lens to go with it...) and I am having lots of fun experimenting with it.  It doesn't have the instant wonder of polaroid but the anticipation of waiting for prints is a joy that I think everyone should be made to experience.  The familiar, old fashioned feeling of not being able to wait to see how your photographs will turn out, or if indeed they will even turn out at all!  This was my fourth roll from the camera and I think, the most successful to date.  The above photograph being my most favourite one of the roll.  The scanned copy lacks the depth of the print, but it captures the essence of the spot.  The peace and the tranquility as the river gently curves around the trees.

I have decided that I am going to use the FM2 to capture my adventures in the beautiful place that I live and then have a sort of online gallery of them on here.  The more I look around me, the more I love my corner of the world.  Another example of how lucky I am, my parents moved here when I was just 6 months old from a big city.  For that, I can not be more thankful.  I am surrounding by beauty that I can never tire of.

So here is the first roll of film in my logging of my adventures, a kind of online adventure book.  This is one of the most lovely places locally, called Cwm Idwal.  It has lakes, craggy mountains, snow, valleys and marvellous skies.  Maybe I will post some digital ones too at some point, just to prove how beautiful the place is.  I kind of don't want to though, I wouldn't want to compromise the integrity of our heritage, the humble film.



  1. Just beautiful Rose! xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh yay, Rosie! Isn't it such a great camera? I love mine to bits :)

    Your photos are beautiful, I can't wait to see more. What film did you use? I am still trying to figure them all out. I might try a B&W next ... right now I am working through a roll of Portra 160 but film is so expensive here; I may have to get some shipped to D's mum in the US and get her to mail them on over :)

    As for the lenses, I am thinking of just buying a 50mm f1.8 to keep on my FM2 rather than changing between the FM2 and D700 all the time, but I do wish that I could afford another f1.4!

    And another yay! for good measure :) xox

  3. Lovely compositions, Rosie. And one of my favourite places here.