Thursday, 26 April 2012

It is coming ...

Poppy season is coming!  One of my favourite times of year and it is almost upon us (one of my other favourite times of year is actually here, but more on that in the next few days!).  I have seen my first poppy bud and to be truthful, I can not express just how much I am looking forward to seeing the delightful dots of crimson all over the countryside.  I just wish that there was a poppy field locally.  It is one of my dreams to lie in a field studded with these elegant beauties.  I feel that no matter how many photographs, how many angles I shoot them from, it is never enough.  I can not do their delicacy justice, I can not convey how much I love them.

My lovely friend Sian promised that she would send me the first poppy in her garden last year.  I laughed it off as a sweet thought but unlikely to happen.  Then one day I got an unexpected card, with a lovely pressed poppy inside.  These are the sort of things that keep you going.  The small, delightful pleasures in life.  Knowing that someone cares enough about you to press a flower especially for you, brightening not only your day but a small piece of your heart.  Thank you Sian for the thought and for always being there.  You're wonderful and I miss you being here.

Ps please can you send me another one this year?  Pretty please?


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  1. Ohh you're so lucky! I love, love, love poppies! (although I always mis-type them as "poopies" heh). Take plenty of photos and post! :)