Thursday, 12 July 2012

An overnight transformation ...

I have some beautiful red poppies close by and not only are they stunning to look at, but they seem to be a creativity stimulant.  Each time that I look at them, I have another idea.  I bowled over by their beauty and feel a burning desire to capture it; every fold, every crease, every shade of red to share with the world.  I'm being taken over by a small flower, an all consuming, delicate yet mighty piece of the UK flora.

 I really wanted to capture the opening of the buds with time lapse photography but I not wanting to leave my precious Nikon out to all the elements, I went to bed.  Leaving the bud bursting at the seams.  I could see the tight folds of the delicate skirt, knowing that the resulting creases in the petals would just add to the beauty of the final performance.  The tough bud protecting its fairy-like (if you ever get such a fiery fierce shade of red fairy) interior.  This morning I was expecting it to have unfolded slightly but was not expecting to see the flower in its full pose.  It was there, bold-as-brass, looking at me and willing me to take its' picture!  How could you stay disappointed with that for long?



  1. That's amazing - I've never seen a poppy bud opening like that.

    Are those black bits in the second photo stripes on the petals?

    1. Thanks Nick! I wish I could have captured it between the two photos. They seem to do it whilst we're sleeping! The dark black bits are black spots, they are really quite pretty and lady bird like. I haven't seen this particular variety before but the shade of red is stunning. I think the dark lines are veins.

  2. it's stunning! I love poppies and your storytelling in this post had me captured. :)