Wednesday, 8 August 2012

One year on and a blast from the past ...

One year ago, our lives changed.  A little black and white ball of fluff moved in.  She took over the house with copious toys, emptied our wallets (copious accidents, trips to the vet and special food because it isn't as delicious as the others) and completely stole our hearts.  Now I'm not trying to be over dramatic and romantacise the situation, but it is true, she has made us love her more than we thought we were capable of loving anything.  Nothing wrenches your heart more than waiting to see if she will survive an attack or shouting like  crazy all over the village, willing her to come home.  She has wormed her way into our lives and we love it!  We wouldn't be without her, even though she has started bringing little mice home.  I need my cuddles with her, I love seeing her pretty little face and having her close by.  Kiki, thanks for choosing to come and live with us.

Whilst harking on about the past, I thought I'd share this with you.  So many elements of the past in one photograph (were those curtains and that carpet really ever in vogue, especially together???) and yet those of you who know me, will know that I look practically the same twenty or so years on!  I still have massive rosy cheeks, a penchant for jumpers and skirts, thankfully I don't own any white tights anymore!


  1. Oh my goodness - what a fantastic photograph! Giving Kiki a run for her money...!

  2. Happy Kiki-versary! And oh my goodness, you really do still look exactly the same!! Adorable :)