Saturday, 4 August 2012

The lastest adventures of Kiki ...

The day after the day before ...

Last Saturday evening Kiki was adorable, all curled up in here little bed and being cute.  Then she went out and wasn't seen again until Monday evening.  I know that isn't that long for a cat to go off for but we were worried sick.  She is never usually gone for longer than a few hours and she is ever so small.  We weren't sure if she could fend for herself.  Therefore we concluded that the worst must have happened when she didn't come home.  She didn't come when we shouted, or rattled her treats, or opened a tin of her favourite tuna.  She didn't even come when we tried to entice her home with the smell of a roasting chicken.  It must have been something terrible or else surely she would have come home?  I was distraught; isn't it strange that the more you try not to cry, the more you do? 

Rhid was being brave but I could tell that he was worried.  It is the feeling of being totally helpless that is the worst.  It doesn't matter how much you call and shout, walk the neighbourhood or worry, if she isn't to be seen, then you have no hope.  Each time we left the house, we hoped that she would be stood waiting for us when we got back.  Each time we sat down, we hoped that we would hear the cat flap go or that her lovely little face would appear at the window.  We had more or less given up and were watching a film on Monday evening when all of a sudden we heard the flap go (!), she meandered in, looked at us and shouted!  It was as if nothing had happened, except she was hungry enough to eat three days worth of food!

We're not sure what she got up to, but I hope she was just "off adventuring" as Nick suggested.  She was in the strangest mood when she came back, I have never seen her so excited!  She was running around like a lunatic and playing lots.  Then she came in and slept.  The next day she discovered a new favourite sleeping position, on the top of an Ikea box full of gym kit!  We found her and Pixie all curled up together, what can be cuter than a box of kittens?  Well, a box of kittens licking each other!  The whole time that Kiki was missing, Pixie was out of sorts.  I think he missed her a lot (he's from down the road and they are like brother and sister), he never left our side and was really sad.  When I found them in the box (they were there for about three hours), Pixie was licking Kiki gently on the head.  Cute alert!

I think Kiki must have had quite a fright while she was away, perhaps she was a little lost?  She hasn't ventured too far and been quite close to us in the past couple of days.  She has taken to sleeping a lot and being lovely (she hasn't even tried to scratch us lately!).  The one thing that she has started doing though is something that I am none too thrilled about, bringing in little mice for us!  Poor little things, she brought three in the other evening!  Does anyone know much about this?  I have heard that it is bringing the owner a present.  I'd like to think that she is being nice and wants to do something sweet for us.  I just wish it was a chocolate or cake-based object she brought home!  Her arrival home also co-incided with the arrival of my copy of The Weirdstone of Brisingamen (here she is pictured with the book, alas I could not persuade her to read it).  I am super excited about our group read of the series, click here to find out more and to join in!

Just a few photos of Kiki to finish off, she is still quite shy and not that happy to be snapped though!  Keep an eye out for more information about pet portrait shoots coming soon and have a lovely weekend! 


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  1. I was so very relieved when you told me that little Kiki had made it home, safe and sound. I have on many occasions walked around and around and up and down the street shaking a bag of dried cat food like a crazy woman ... it's such a horrible feeling and of course you always imagine the worst. They are so naughty!!

    As for the mice ... I have also heard that they are meant to be gifts of some description but ... well, you know. Perhaps they could bring flowers =) Thankfully Charley is a little too slow to catch anything, although she did corner a very frightened pigeon on the patio once and that was enough for me!