Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Snow, slate quarries and Dr Who ...

Let me take you on a little walk around my village.  We finally have had a dusting of snow and some beautifully clear, bright days.  If only it had been like this over the Christmas / New Year holiday!  Never mind, it is here now (and we're set to have a fabulously snowy weekend!).  I managed to take a quick break from writing yesterday and build up my Winter Collection of photographs.

I think the photograph (above, left) is my favourite of the day.  Isn't that tree silhouette just beautiful?  Getting out for a walk does wonders for the mind.  Not only do you get some fresh air and beautiful scenes, ideas start whirling around like tiny snowflakes.

The area is full of slate quarries, I guess most of Snowdonia is a large slate quarry, and I think it is rather lovely (particularly under a dusting of snow).  That may be controversial.  Most people will think they are ugly and just a mass of dull grey clogging up the view.  Look more closely, the tips are teeming with life.  In amongst the dreary grey backdrop are tiny bursts of green, dotted here and there.  Things are found in all different shapes and sizes, from a star-shaped tiny moss to the oak sapling, and colours.  Colour matches and clashes are the real beauties of the area.  There must be something here, I do believe that even the Doctor himself paid us a visit in years gone by.  I'm still waiting for him to come back.

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