Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Kittens as therapy ...

When Howard Moon goes to Naboo for some sage advice on how to handle his outbursts of rage, the shaman gives him a picture postcard with two kittens on it, saying "This is two kittens in a barrel, look at them in there, having a whale of a time. You see the one on the left? He's called Phillip. Now when you look into Phillip's eyes your anger will recede like an ocean...." When this method fails to recede his anger, Naboo tells Howard there is also "an otter in a bib" if he needs it.

Adopting the wise thinking of Naboo, the sage, from the brilliant Mighty Boosh, I am taking comfort in my lovely kitties after a truly horrible day.  I hope they bring you some cheer and up the cuteness in your day. 

They seem to like their new bed!  After hours of playing in the Spring sunshine, we have two very sleepy little piles of fluff.

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