Monday, 22 July 2013

Lisa's lovely natural solutions ...

I love my job and I love my clients.  Particularly when they present me with a load of beautiful pots, jars, flowers, an old wooden chair and lots of lovely natural products!  Throw in a lovely bit of sunshine, some puppies wandering around and what a perfect photography job!  One of the best things about this job is just how lovely the products are, so not only do I have a great time shooting them but I actually want to endorse them and their creator, the lovely Lisa

Lisa makes each one of her organic products and aren't they just beautiful?  Biodegradable, no animal testing, a natural and simple skin care that anyone can use.  As if the pretty pots and divine inky blue glass bottles weren't draw enough?!  I couldn't resist getting a few items myself and think that they are wonderful.  A natural product that isn't sticky, leaves you feeling soft and is delicately scented.  The Honey and Beeswax lip balm is divine!  It really does make your lips kissable (come on Colin Farrell, I'm ready!) and beautifully soft and glossy.

To find out more about LJ's Natural Solutions or order some for yourself (they also make wonderful presents too) just visit Lisa's website.  Look out for the new product photographs going up on the website too in the next week or so.

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  1. You did a great job with these, Rosie :) I love all natural products (they always smell so nice!), so will be sure to check out Lisa's site.

    Hope you're well. xox