Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Meet Kiki...

Last night I went for a lovely evening walk around the heathland in Rhosgadfan and arrived home to find a horde of children lying underneath my car!  They were screaming, yelling and desperately trying to reach even further under.  It turned out that two of the local cats were sitting there, minding their own business and trying to get a bit of shut eye.  That was until the nosiy four year olds began their attempt to coax them out.  I'm not sure why but at four years old, it must seem like trying to have a nap under a car in the quiet is the worst place in the world!  I said to just leave them be, they were quite happy.  I wasn't moving the car so no danger of a flat kitty!  But one little boy mentioned something about hitting them with a broom to get them out.  Right, I'd better do something about this sensibly I thought to myself.  So in I went to get a slice of ham and gently (and most importantly, quietly) talked the first cat out.  She is a darling, she's seventeen years old, bones sticking out everywhere and just wants a quiet life.  So I took her to her house and then started on cat #2.  The same trick worked and to my delight a tiny black and white kitten popped her head out!  She was only about 8 inches long and jumped into the safety of my arms like a shot.  She was trembling poor little thing and seemed to snuggle deep into the chunky knit of my new H&M green cardigan (now complete with a little pull from a cute kitten paw).  I went to her house but no-one was at home and didn't want to leave her with the children, who seemed to think that as each minute passed, their voices had to rise by at least another 5 decibels.  So I took her into Rhid's, where she stopped shaking like a leaf, munched more ham, had a few licks of custard, explored all around the living room and fireplace (we were very tempted to attach a duster to her feet), had some cuddles and then threw herself against me (her heroic rescuer) and promptly fell asleep.

I think I just fell in love again ...


  1. Oh Rosie she is super adorable! And so sweet of you to take care of them :)

    PS. I was SURE I was following your blog! but turns out that I haven't been. I'm sorry :( I just thought you were being quiet on the blogging front for awhile! Will make sure to follow you as soon as I post this comment. xox

  2. Is Kiki an official member of the family now? I think she's gorgeous! I also admire your proactive, non-broom-utilising behaviour with the kids and kits.

    *sigh* about it all!