Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A natural touch ...

When all else is falling apart, the steady beat of the natural world goes on.  In a week where death has touched my life so closely and worry has been paramount, a small flag of soothing balm still managed to reach my soul.  Driving, blinded by tears, I caught sight of a tiny flash of red.  A solitary piece of comfort, much needed.  Twice this summer, this has happened.  It is often thought that the natural world can be therapeutic, even healing in some ways.  This week, I have been calmed by rain, soothed by the delicate poppy and touched by loving human contact.  These things do not, and can not, change events but ease the journey through them.  The touch of something soft, the glimpse of something beautiful.  I look around and store these treasures inside, something to reach to in the times when sadness is overwhelming.  The tangible natural world and knowing that I am deeply loved.  

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  1. Very true words Rosie! I hope your week gets better.