Tuesday, 8 May 2012

15 neat little parcels later ...

I love baking and I have descovered that I love making pretty little parcels.  I started last Wednesday, with this birthday present for a friend and it spiraled out of control.  Since then I have made three lots of chocolate brownie and four batches of scones (a mixture of sultanas and cranberries), which resulted in 15 neat little parcels for family and friends.  I can see this becoming an obsession, I've already been thinking about making pretty gift tags and tiny bouquets of flowers (perhaps lavendar) to pretty them up even more.  Now I just need to see if they travel in the post well.  Guinea pigs anyone?  I already have a few of you in mind.

...I also have to work out how to photograph the cellophane without the light reflecting so badly!



  1. Looks gorgeous!
    How about a polarizer?

  2. How about cooking with flowers as well?!

  3. I did have a polarising filter on the lens, maybe I should have a little play about! Hmm, cooking with flowers. Now that is an avenue to explore!