Thursday, 31 May 2012

A post from a certain tiny black and white kitty ...

Evening all, Kiki here.  Just thought I would write a quick thank you for all your well wishes lately.  Gosh what a month!  I can't even talk about how it all happened.  What an indignity to suffer.  If I get my paws on that horrible thing that bit me .... well let's just say I hope he gets his comeuppance!  I have been going up the wall (somedays quite literally) wearing that stupid lampshade and having to stay indoors.  Not to mention the pain.  Oh the pain!  I have included a few snapshots of what I got up to, mainly sleeping it has to be said, but I managed to look longingly out of the window and try to chew some buttercups.  I couldn't help but notice how lovely the weather was last week (obviously I am not just trying to distract you from looking at my bald bottom, by talking in that oh-so-British way about the weather).

How I have longed to be outside, playing with the other cats (chasing them around is the same as playing isn't it?) and patrolling the fields.  I did devise lots of new games inside the house though.  I jumped all over the desk and knocked Rosie's things all over the place (she gets quite precious about her stationary and she certainly didn't like it when I batted the dalek out of the way!), then I leapt high onto the top of the bookshelf (Rhid didn't like it when his AT-AT went crashing to the floor).  They said I was naughty, I don't care, it made them start this new game where they threw a ball up the stairs.  It was ace!  I could run after it and it bounced up and down and everywhere!!  

Being a bit poorly was kind of good in some ways, Rosie stayed with me and I got to sleep on her all day.  I even helped her with her marking.  I didn't like it when she got up and went into the kitchen, or the bedroom, or the bathroom, or anywhere really, so I followed her and we stayed together.  We were looking after each other I think.  Making sure that nothing bad happened to the other.  I like helping her bake, I even sat in the baking bowl once she had taken the scone mix out!  It was really good.  Almost like being out and about getting into mischief!!  We had a nice time playing together.  I think I liked it best when I snuggled in really tightly to Rosie and fell fast asleep.  I am sorry about scratching her face a few times.  I only did it because my bottom hurt.  I didn't even know that my claws were out.  I can be a bad little kitten, but I don't mean to be.

Anyway, after much time staring out of the window, guess what happened yesterday?  Rhid opened the door!  I was a bit surprised and looked at him, not sure what he wanted me to do.  Was I allowed to finally go?  I was!  I wasn't too keen at first, after all, where was the thing that bit me?  I saw Rosie come home and scampered over to her.  It made me feel better rubbing my nose on hers and then something brilliant happened - a cow poked her head over the garden wall!  A really big exciting cow from the field!  I bounded over and ... hmm, perhaps I shouldn't tell you what happened next.  I'm not sure that we could deal with the consequences if that knowledge got out into the open.

Thanks again for all your well wishes xx



  1. We're glad you're feeling better, Kiki! Lovely to see pictures of you looking so well! (Fester sends his love - and says, 'Ungow!')


  2. So happy that you're feeling better, Kiki! You sound as cheeky as my Charley! although I don't think she has ever sat in a mixing bowl before (then again, I haven't been baking an awful lot these days so perhaps it is just the lack of opportunity) :)