Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ever seen a signet stretching a leg?

Tiny, little balls of fluff.  Just days old, brand new to the world and full of life (when they are not resting that is).  I used to have a video when I was a child, all about wild animals and their young.  They had a song on the soundtrack "Everybody loves a baby ...", which is certainly true about fluffy baby things!  How can you resist these little cuties, just inches tall?   

There are three little ones and one of them decided to stretch out his little leg just as I was watching. He took his time, limbering up and then took the plunge, throwing his leg out far behind, his eyes closed with delight. Each tiny feather quivering with delight.  The small crowd that had gathered ooh-ed and aah-ed like there was no tomorrow.  There wasn't a heart that didn't melt, just a tiny little bit.

It truly is a real delight to see them, as not all of the local swans have been successful.  Another breeding pair close by have had year after year of tragedies.  The latest being the unfortunate rain we experienced a few weeks back.  It was unusually heavy for this time of year and managed to wash the swan eggs away.  Poor things.  Thank goodness for these little chaps!!

I'll leave you with a few more images of the fluffpots.


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  1. Squee! They are so utterly adorable and beautiful. My heart just melted a little (okay, a lot), too! Thanks so much for sharing :)