Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Just when you think she's getting better ...

It seems that I seem to start a lot of posts with "poor Kiki" and this one is no exception!  Just when she seems to be getting over her attack and subsequent surgery, she has another open wound about a cm away from the other 3 inch scar!  She had just started enjoying life outside again, particularly happy basking in the sunny weather at the weekend.  She was busy running around, jumping over walls and fences, playing with her cat friends and generally loving her freedom.

We even uncovered a secret of hers in the past few days ... she had a secret stash of stuff!  Apparently she had been hoarding things under the fridge freezer.  Is this normal for small cats or is she just a naughty little thing?  We found 3 toy mice, 5 rolled up balls of tin foil, a clothes peg and a pile of wood kindling (worryingly they were shaped like mini vampire stakes)!!  It's just a shame she hadn't taken to hiding valuable things under there or we could have made a fortune!

She was most certainly was almost back to normal, albeit with a 3 inch scar, until we saw a flash of blood red on her bottom again.  My heart dropped and we rushed her to the vet.  We were worried she had been attacked again and that the damage might be more serious.  Thankfully it turns out that the skin around the old wound had just burst and she only had to stay in kitty hospital for one night this time.  So, she's home.  All stiched up, with her old friend the buster collar again.  She is supposed to be resting but has been zooming around the front room like she has swallowed a rocket and I've just seen Rhid developing a game of throwing things into her collar!  The closest thing to quiet she has been was when she sat on my huge pile of marking, it's just a pity that she didn't get my red pen out and give me a hand!



  1. I'm glad she didn't have to stay in too long - but do you know who's doing this to her? Is it a local dog?

    1. The vet thinks that this time it was just part of the old wound. Where they had to pull the skin around to sew was under a lot of pressure (large wound to cover, not a lot of skin) and so it split with a little bump or something. You just caught me at a bad moment, she just clawed me in the face (call me Scarface from here onwards) so my sympathy has just plummeted! I do hope that she is ok really though. I hope that whatever did it to her in the first place doesn't have another go.

  2. Ohh poor little Kiki! I'm glad she is back home now and I hope she gets better (again!) soon. Sending her a careful little kiss (so as to avoid face scratching - poor you too!). My Charley is naughty like that too, but I can never stay mad at her for too long :)