Thursday, 17 May 2012

Another day, another trip to the vet ...

Just to keep you updated, poor Kiki had to be rushed back to the vets at 2 am (is this last night or this morning? I am so tired, I can't even begin to tell the difference!).  She had lots of pain and her stitches looked like they were coming apart.  She may have to have yet another general anaesthetic, which will be her third in just three weeks.  She is so small and I am so worried.  Praying that her wound will fully heal in time without it coming apart again.  As it is in such a delicate area, it is making her rather uncomfortable and we don't want this cycle to be permanent.  I don't think she could face it.  I know I certainly can't face seeing her like this.  We are already on friendly, first name terms with most of the vets, Kiki just needs her own private room we are there that often!  Please forgive my emotional speech, (and more than likely, more grammar), that's what three and a half hours sleep, worry and a panic attack will do to you!  Thank you for all the well wishes and kisses that she has had sent to her so far.  They really are much appreciated.

Just in case you've had a chance to forget how cute she is, I've included two from when she was really small.  I think she gets her love of pens and pencils from me ...


  1. i'm hoping she can heal quickly and well! lots of love to you all,

  2. Oh no! Poor little baby. Lots of love, xox

  3. Hope Kiki's recovering well by now. And that you're both ok too. x